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Online Drinking with Geisha!!

Dive in the Geisha culture online from oversea at home and reveal their secrets. 

Why don't you invite Hakone's Geisha to your online party?

Drinking Party with Hakone's Geisha

As Seen In

H o w   t o   e n j o y   o u r   s e r v i c e

Company Year-end Parties


Cultural Experiences


Corporate Trainings

Study Workshops

Promotion Celebrations


Birthday Parties

Story of Geisha

You will get to know what their jobs are, how a life of Geisha is like, and clear your myths of Geisha by asking them any questions!

Japanese Traditional Performance

They will show you elegant moves of Japanese traditional styled dances. You might be lucky to enjoy the traditional instruments as well.

On Request

Any requests are welcomed, so please let us know in advance! (Eg: Sing a birthday song). Geishas will do their best to entertain you all!

W h a t   y o u  c a n  e x p e r i e n c e

P r i c e   a n d   T i m e

※minimum required price is 6000JPY or 3 attendee for a session


The available request time for the session is 12:00~22:00 JST (GMT+9)

About Payment

The request for your booking will be automatically cancelled if we could not confirm your payment 72hrs prior to your requested session date.

About the Shironuri (white makeup) option

Shironuri (white makeup for Geisha) option is available for an additional 1500 JPY.


Price / per







30min: 1,500JPY for attendee

※minimum required price is 6000JPY or 3 attendee for a session


S e n d   C h e e r s   t o   G e i s h a

Add some spice to the party! 

"Online Tipping" is available here at Meet Geisha! 

※The full amount goes to Geishas


Q. Why is the ticket price different from the Japanese website?

A. There's only a few Geisha who can speak English so the price includes their skills or the translator's fee.

Q. How long will the session last for?

A. It is a 30 min session. If you would like the session longer, we can arrange the duration for you, so please let us know!

Q. What can I experience?

A. Chatting with Geisha, watching their performance, playing the traditional games with Geisha

Q. What will the Geishas outfits will be like?

A. Geishas will be wearing Yukata, summer Kimono with their usual makeups. They will not be putting on the white foundations and wigs. (※ There is an additional option for white makeup and the wigs. Let us know on the contact form!)

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