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Online Drinking with Geisha!!

Dive in the Geisha culture online from oversea at home and reveal their secrets. Why not join the special experience you can only get here at Meet Geisha? 

Join the Hakone Geisha's Drinking Party

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Smartphone or Laptop

Drinks and Snacks

Bring your favorite drinks and snacks to enjoy the moment with Hakone Geisha.

Both alcohols/soft drinks are welcome!

The drinking party will take place at cloud meeting service "Zoom". The link will be sent after your booking is completed the day before the experience.



Simple 3 Steps!

Select the date and time from the calendar. Make your payment.


You will receive a confirmation E-mail with the Zoom link before the day before your party.


You're all set!

Access the link sent to you and join the online drinking with Geisha.

Clear up any myths and rumors about them by asking questions!

A message from Meet Geisha

Hi all, I am Tamaki, a general manager of Meet Geisha.

It has been a very tough time for all of us for the past few months. We all can’t ignore the huge impact that the pandemic brought on the world’s economy and even on an individual's daily life. As a team working on the tourism industry, we’ve been also having a rough time, the Geishas who are self-employees are not the exclusives too.

We've launched this "Meet Geisha Online Drinking" for mainly “two” reasons.

1. For Hakone Geisha: To help those who are having a tough time right now

For a couple of months, Geishas had ZERO income because their main job, which is to serve the guests in a big grouped drinking party at a ryokan-inn, has been prohibited by the government to avoid the 3Cs. Through Meet Geisha Online Drinking event, we can provide support financially with the admission fees and tipping system.

Also, since all the events have been canceled, they now have no chance to perform. Though Online Drinking event would be a great opportunity for them to show their performances as traditional dances, playing some instruments.. and of course the hospitality with smooth talks!

2. For You Guys: To keep on seeking the world

International travel may still take some time to come back. But we will not let the Corona stop us from seeing the world out of the country!

Here is the chance. You can feel the Japanese culture deeply and reveal the secret of Geisha from your home! You do not need a hotel nor a flight. All you need is Zoom and the booze! :)

The world is getting more connected through the internet.

We all are excited to meet you online!


Send cheers to Geisha

Add some spice to the party! 

Now "online tipping" is available here on Meet Geisha! 

※The full amount goes to Geisha


Q. What can I experience?

A. Chatting with Geisha, watching their performance, playing the traditional games with Geisha

Q. What will the Geishas outfits will be like?

A. Geishas will be wearing Yukata, summer Kimono with their usual makeups. They will not be putting on the white foundations and wigs.

Q. Why is the ticket price different from the Japanese website?

A. There's only a few Geisha who can speak English so the price includes their skills or the translator's fee.

Q. How can I get a private booking?

A. Please contact us with the number of people and the date that you prefer. We might be able to make an arrangement.

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